Delta/Stand-Up Pouch

This economic packaging provides a clear film bag that can be labeled or printed on. This packaging allows your customer to see the product they are purchasing without paying extra for fancy packaging.

Some versions of this stand-up pouch packaging also have a resealable zipper to keep the contents fresh. It is designed to be colorful, eye-catching, and easy to transport while showcasing your brand or product in an attractive way. The airtight seal helps preserve the quality of food products while keeping them securely packaged for safe shipping.

Delta Stand-Up Pouch Packaging offers an economical and effective solution for small businesses and large corporations alike. Its unique features make it a great choice for those who need efficient and cost-effective branding solutions. Delta Stand-Up Pouches provide an excellent barrier against moisture, oxygen and light, making them perfect for liquids, powders, snacks, pet foods, coffee beans, chemicals and more! The pouches are made with a laminated film that helps streamline production and provide enhanced protection against oxygen and moisture, extending shelf life of your products.