Food Safety – General Food Safety & Quality Program

Manna Foods is committed to keeping your product safe. We have been BRCGS certified since 2011, obtaining audit grades of “A” until BRCGS created a grade of “AA”. We are now certified grade “AA”!

Manna Foods is committed and dedicated to providing only high-quality products and services. Food safety and quality are our first and foremost concerns. We will provide only quality workmanship for our customers and consumers. Our commitment to food safety, high quality, legal and authentic products and services will be regularly reviewed and reinforced.

Employees are encouraged to observe processes to improve food safety and reduce or eliminate risk of unsafe foods and packaging. Ideas for improved food safety and packaging, and workmanship will be considered and reviewed for practicality, safety, quality, and regulatory compliance. We continually review our products, operations, and vendors to provide the highest quality and value to our customers and consumers. We are committed to continuously improve our food safety and quality culture.

Senior management is responsible for emphasizing the importance of quality and safety. The food safety and quality manual outlines the operating policies and procedures required for Manna Foods to be a leader in quality and food safety. We will provide the necessary training and resources to accomplish our quality objectives.