Equipment and Capabilities

We currently operate 10 production lines with the capabilities of running 3 shifts and 6 days a week.  Our lines are diverse and can be set up to accommodate your product and packaging needs.

All of the baggers on the production lines have metal detectors, Ishida 14 head combination scales, or 20/24 head blending scales, check weighers and/or table top scales.

A large section of the warehouse and production areas are environmentally controlled and monitored for temperature and humidity for the packaging of products such as chocolates and dried fruits that have temperature and humidity quality requirements.

Nitrogen flushing is available at all of the packaging lines.

Shrink wrapping and overwrapping is also available for various sizes and shapes of boxes or tins.

Manna Foods also has the ability to mix products in a panner or use a multi-product blending scale to provide our customers with custom mixing options.  The panner can also be used for flavoring your product.

Line 1 – Bossar 2500 horizontal Form, Film and Seal machine with a zipper option.
Line 2 – Toyo 8A Rotary pouch filler currently set up to fill for club size modules.
Line 3 – This is a single product line capable of interchanging baggers to meet the needs of our customer from vertical Form, Fill and Seal bags to preformed pouches.
Line 4 – This line has a single scale with a vertical Form, Fill and Seal bagger.
Line 5 – This production line features a multi-product scale capable of a precise mixture and up to 4 different products to create a snack mix type product in an environmentally controlled environment.  We can create a separate mix or variety pack.
Line 6 – A single product line that can run roll stock film or stand-up pouches.  This line is in an environmentally controlled room making it perfect for chocolate products.
Line 7 – This production line has a high-speed bagger capable of producing smaller packages for airline snacks or lunch boxes.
Line 8 – This multi-scaled line can combine 4-6 different items into one package with a precise mixture.  We can create a separate mix or variety pack.
Line 9 – Our FL Tecnic horizontal Form, Fill and Seal bagger is capable of adding zippers to the package on this single item line.
Line 10 – This line can package product in multi-size stand up bags.

Each line is fully capable of date coding packaging, labeling cases, and nitrogen flushing.  Cases or mods are palletized at the line and moved to stretch wrapping before staging to be loaded on your trailer for shipment.